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New access arrangement guidance to help ease pressure on colleges

20 May 2019

New guidance from the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) has been published with the aim of reducing the administrative burden for colleges. The new information on exam access arrangements ‎means that colleges will save time and money, no longer needing to re-assess students who already have a valid Form 8 from school. The deadline for November entry access arrangements has also been extended. Colleges will still need to access Form 8s from schools but the move has been welcomed by AoC. It will save colleges thousands of pounds at a time when funding is stretched. AoC has worked closely with colleges on this issue. JCQ recently visited a college which greatly helped in shaping the new ‎process. AoC is also pressing for more comprehensive and automatic transfer of information from schools about students to support their needs. Catherine Sezen, Senior Policy Manager at the Association of Colleges, said: “AoC is very pleased to see the publication of the new JCQ guidance regarding exam access arrangements. “While colleges will still need to secure Form 8s from schools, the guidance will mean thousands of pounds worth of savings for colleges all over the country who will no longer need to reassess their students’ support needs to gain an exam concession. AoC will continue to ask for improved transfer of student information between schools and colleges.” The guidance ensures the rigour and fairness of the system is maintained but minimises the burden on colleges that have seen an increase in GCSE English and mathematics resits.