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Motor Vehicle Service and Maintenance Technician (Light Vehicle) Apprenticeship

10 September 2019

As an urgent request from The Automotive Retail Trailblazer Group led by Jaguar Land Rover, the IMI Sector Skills Department has been asked to make you aware of a forthcoming workshop hosted by Jaguar Land Rover related to the Apprenticeship Trailblazer Standard that has been developed. Below are the details that we have been asked to circulate: “Find out more about the new Motor Vehicle Service and Maintenance Technician (Light Vehicle) Apprenticeship and assessment strategy (based on the new Apprenticeship ‘Trailblazer’ requirements) which was developed by The Automotive Retail Trailblazer group led by Jaguar Land Rover. The workshop is aimed at employers and training providers that wish to review the Apprenticeship Standard and Assessment Plan and gain an understanding on how it will be implemented once the assessment strategy has been approved by The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS). The workshop will be held on Tuesday 28 July 2015 at GTG Training in Wolverhampton and will be structured to update employers during the morning and training providers in the afternoon. Please register your interest to attend by emailing Kelly Riordan stating your preferred slot (AM or PM). Register your interest quickly as their will be limited places available.‘’ For further details about the new Trailblazer Standards that have been developed please visit