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Liberal Democrats pledge extra £1bn for further education - AoC responds

27 April 2020

Responding to the Lib Dems promise for an extra £1bn for further education colleges and a 'young people's premium', Cheif Executive David Hughes said: “It’s great to see another major further education announcement from a major political party. It is clear, whoever you talk to that colleges play a huge role in answering the big questions facing the country. Colleges have been calling for a young people’s premium that has the potential to reach the most disadvantaged students in society. Colleges do so much vital work to with people from different backgrounds, walks of life and circumstances, but could do so much more with a properly funded system that works for all. The education system is not delivering to meet these needs now, so changes and fairer investment are vital. Scrapping the learning tax and raising the funding rate for 16-19 year olds are a step in the right direction in levelling the playing field for colleges. It’s absolutely right that the political parties continue to make this election must about improving the life chances of all people.”