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Labour Party's plans on adult education and training - AoC response

27 April 2020

Responding to the Labour Party's plans for adult education and training, Chief Executive David Hughes said: “It is great to see the Labour Party proposing much-needed increased investment in adult education after a decade of cuts has halved opportunities to learn and train. The Lifelong Learning Commission has helped the Labour Party to focus on key issues which colleges and AoC have been promoting for some time now. Adults deserve access to more learning and training opportunities in a high-quality skills system in which colleges are vital players. This set of proposals would support more people of all ages and circumstances to be able to participate and get the skills they need. Investing in colleges is an investment in the future. 2.2 million people study and train in colleges but we know that hundreds of thousands more people would benefit from these proposals. With skill gaps widening, issues of social justice still burning and the future of the economy in play we need a step change in adult education and training. These proposals from the Labour Party would be a great step forward."