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Change consultants required with restructuring/transformation experience

09 October 2020

Change consultants – restructuring/transformation experienceVarious colleges via AoC CreatePay Rate: negotiable day rate AoC Create is seeking to grow its pool of specialist consultants to support colleges post-area based review in England, to provide advice and guidance on the implementation of restructuring and transformation recommendations. We are specifically seeking individuals who possess strong commercial skills, not necessarily gained in the commercial sector, project management of merger/shared service, MIS/IT and HR integration, curriculum planning, financial and estates planning (including assets or liability valuation), marketing and communications (including branding, cultural change and stakeholder engagement) and outplacement support and reskilling. Although an understanding of the further education sector may be advantageous it is not essential. In July 2015, the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and Department for Education set out the government’s approach to facilitating a restructuring of post-16 education and training institutions through a series of area based reviews of provision. Each wave of area based reviews will aim to create more financially stable and efficient providers with improved collaboration across the different types of institution. Following each wave of review, institutions will be required to implement substantive recommendations. In order to support this implementation process, the Government has announced the availability of a restructuring facility and transition grant fund to assist with the development and implementation of the recommendations. For more information and for details on how to apply, please visit the AoC Create microsite.