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Black FE Leadership Group publishes open letter on the lack of Black leaders in FE - AoC responds

06 August 2020

Today the Black Further Education Leadership Group has written an open letter to the government demanding urgent action to address racism in Further Education. Chief Executive, David Hughes responds: “The letter published today raises vital questions and concerns that need to be addressed urgently. Like other parts of society, there is a diversity deficit in leadership, and FE is sadly no exception. It should not just be on black leaders to fix the issues of societal racism. It is on us all. We have been acting on this over the last year by establishing an equality and diversity steering group, working on a diversity charter and action plan, improving our recruitment and training offer, and working with other organisations and DFE to drive forward real, meaningful, and lasting change. We are also challenging ourselves to do better and be better at AoC, going through the same processes we are asking the sector to go through. More needs to be done to support the black leaders we have, as well as encouraging and supporting the black leaders of the future. More also needs to be done to understand the experience, achievement and progression of black students in FE. As a leading sector body, AoC stands with the leaders who have written this letter. I and my team are ready to work in partnership, secure resources, and take actions which will improve the lived experiences of staff and students in colleges, now and in the future.” You can find out more here.