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I knew my life would change forever by Matt Rose, Long Road Sixth Form College

February 2022

I knew my life would change forever as soon as I let you go. I didn’t want you to go to war but here we are in my room opening a box full of memories thinking of how good of a father you would have been to me. I was only 4 when you left. I still remember the tender kiss of you as you left to go to the war and the clouds blocking the sun and making me shiver as the feeling of you leaving settled in as I cried.

It would always be you and me doing everything together but when you had to go to work it was always hard. Whenever you got your tidy uniform out to iron it for the tenth time in the same day always made me worry about you going to war but now you are gone it makes it worse. I have loads of memories of us together but they make me sad now.

I think what upsets me more is that you are “missing in action” and not “doa” which means you could still be out there but I would never know. I’m 17 now dad and I wish you could have watched me grow up and help mum. Ever since you left mum hasn’t been the same and I’ve had to help her up till now. She is in hospital and her last wish is to be with you for the last time.

I have a boyfriend now and lots of friends. I mean I even have a job, though it isn’t a job you would think I would have. I have my own apartment and I’m very happy. You have made me want to join the military, I always wanted to as soon as I found out you wouldn’t come back just to see if I would be able to find you.

I’m signing up now, I wish I could make you happy dad and hug you for the last time but I know deep down that I might not see you again so I guess this is my farewell to you and just know I will always remember you, I love you dad.