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Daisy Basquine, Long Road Sixth Form College

February 2022

I remember when we met again, the gust of winds that flew past my face tangling my hair. My yellow dress that I chose especially for that day was blowing around lifting up every so often. The smell of smoke floating around us as well as everyone else. Trains bellowing their goodbyes and hello’s to new passengers.

My dad, the war hero. Me, the daughter. It’s always been just the two of us since I’ve known. I had to go to another family as I was evacuated, I think that’s what it’s called. I haven’t seen my dad for years. So many birthdays and Christmases together lost. But it’s for a good cause, I guess.

“Hey dad” I squealed at him excitedly while running over to him. Once I got near him I leaped in his arms and hugged him the tightest I’ve ever hugged. “Hey sweetheart, I missed you.,” I replied with a smile against his shoulder with a tighter hug.