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The puppet master by Katie, Yeovil College

February 2022

Disclaimer: some people may find the content troubling or distressing as it contains reference to acts of abuse.

When we met I thought you were kind. When we met I thought you were just an average guy. When we met I thought you would be mine. I liked everything about how normal you were. How you would care for me and how you treated me so well. I never thought it would turn out like this. I used to want to spend time with you, but now I have no choice. You have all the power and I am nothing but a puppet controlled by you. My every move is determined by strings, however and whenever you want.

As I lay on the cold and dirty basement floor shivering uncontrollably I thought about my life and how it really couldn’t get any worse than this. Then I heard him, the footsteps above creaking the old and tired floorboards. I snapped out of my thoughts and went straight into a panic of fear. How has it been three months? Weren’t they looking for me? Aren’t they looking for me? Please help me!

Just then, the basement door flung open and there he stood. The man I used to love. He held a plate, I presumed, with something for me to eat. God, I wish he would just let me starve, at least this nightmare would then be over.