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It was unreal by Lilli Cullen-Fell, Yeovil College

February 2022

Contentment was tangible in the air, warming them internally, preventing the bitterness in the night air from getting so much as a thought, wind all but forgotten, whilst eyes with blurred vision watched on enchanted by the flames dancing Infront of them, the warmth encasing their bodies and seeping through to the bone.

Sweet laughter bearing happiness alone was the only thing to be heard over the music, and tribulations were a thing of the past for this one night, discarded and replaced by the taste of crisp drinks and the feeling left behind by them. It was sadness.

It was the despair of knowing this night of divinity could only be experienced once for the first time, and the realization that when this time was done, the only thing left was the mundanity of norms and the cruelty of responsibility. It was the reality that the fairy lights mimicking stars to the eyes of the drunk would be gone by morning and would not return, no matter how they were longed for.

It was a sense of mourning for the aspects of a magical night at a time when things are rarely magical anymore.

It was unreal.