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Psychic Daughter by Akaziwe Bafanah, Long Road Sixth Form College

February 2022

One night, Paul puts his little daughter to sleep and as he leaves the bedroom, he hears her praying. "God bless you, Grandpa, Mom, Dad and Grandma, rest in peace, Grandpa," she says. Paul runs back to the bedroom and asks, "Why did you say the last part?"

The daughter replies, "Because it is necessary." The next day, Grandpa dies of a heart attack. Paul is worried about his daughter but thinks "it's just a coincidence".

That night, he puts his daughter back to bed and hears her prayers again. “God bless you, Mom and Dad, rest in peace, Grandma,” she says. Paul is now very worried and thinks, "Can my daughter really see the future?"

The next day her grandmother dies, and now Paul is convinced that her daughter can predict the future. Nothing happened for the rest of the week, but on Sunday night Paul leaves his daughter's bedroom to wait outside to hear new prayers. Of course, he hears her say, "God bless you, Mom, rest in peace, Dad." Now Paul is really embarrassed and thinks, "Oh my God, I'm going to die tomorrow!" The next day, Paul is completely confused at work all day. Real nerves. He constantly looks at the clock and looks around his room, always standing on the brink of death, anticipating death at any time. He is so nervous that he doesn't leave his office until midnight. g

At midnight he says to himself in relief: “How is this possible? I must die! “He walks into the house and when he enters the house, he finds his wife sitting on the sofa with a terrified look on her face.

She asks him “Why so long?" Paul replies, "Baby, today wasn't my best day," and he tries to tell her what happened when she starts crying and said, "Yesterday I saw the postman die!"