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Wolf by Ryan Bell, Suffolk New College

February 2022

The wolf stands almighty on the tallest rock standing 5-feet tall powerful no one challenges the alpha. The blue-mirror ocean moon glistened in the cold misty, purple winter night. The wolf sits proud in his kingdom of nature with no threats the alpha waits for a challenge. The wolf was a shadow waiting, staring with his golden eyes sharp and waiting. You didn't see it coming but the transparent deafening howl ,sentenced your life and would shoot cold shivers through your body and beacon the fear to the universal sky alerting the alpha.

A gust of wind brushes the field of crisp frozen grass waiting for spring alone, frozen in time. Creatures travel and disturb the mannequin like grass branches falling from the sky. The grass watches the sky, seeing shooting stars wishing to be free and imagining angel-like lights but it's just the trail of the sparkling star ,it's almost like a prison,waiting, watching, wishing…

The statue-like hollowing trees watch and devour. Fear to those who wait. A skeleton-like appearance with a crippling withering grasp poisoning all that touches. A perishing appearance one gust of sharp wind and the trees are no more so deadly but easily eliminated.

Hunters enter the forest wanting only one thing and all three of them are tracking the wolf to its lair. Little did the hunters know the wolf had been hunting them since they entered the game. The wolf had been luring them to his lair for easy taking. The hunters take camp and rest for the night not knowing that they are being stalked by the predator. The wolf viciously attacks two of the hunters having the other two on the run armed with their rifles.