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What a fate by Tigisti Andon, York College

February 2022

This story is about a little girl who left her parents and went away somewhere where she can live peacefully and live her dream. She was fourteen years old. She had a dream, her dream was to be a singer but her parents weren’t by her side. They didn’t support her but wanted her to grow up and get married because they only had one daughter. But she wasn’t happy with that and didn’t admit it. Someday she thought that she would go away and liver her life. This wasn’t an easy decision and she wasn’t sure about it. She loved her parents and didn’t want to go away from them. If she stayed she would never be a singer and be successful in life.

Finally she decided. She didn’t have friends who were like her and could think like she did. She was different from her friends. Her friends wanted to get married when they grew up. Finally she found someone who could go with her and they started their journey.

They went day and night to reach the country but that wasn’t the country she wanted. They stayed six months until they paid money. Some relative paid for them. They continued on their way. This way took three days with not enough food and water. That was quite hard but the little girl said to herself “Nevermind, that’s okay”. Eventually they arrived in the second country and stayed almost five months. They must pay again to continue to another country because that wasn’t a safe place where they could live peacefully. In the end only the little girl could go because only she could pay money and not her friend. It was frightening. She was small and scared. Now she went through the desert alone, without friends and relatives. She was decided “I have started, I must end this. It was all my idea.” She made herself believe she could do it.

She went and that took two weeks, no food, not enough water. This was the hardest way. The people weren’t good. They were devils. They killed people who couldn’t pay them money and she stayed almost two years. She saw nothing good. Every day she saw bad things. She starved, that was mortal. She regretted and said, “Why did I come, I wish I had listened to my parents” and cried. She saw dead people every day who had been killed. She wondered when she would die. Everyday like “Today is my turn. Be ready, today is your day to die. No one can save you. I wish I wasn’t born” she told herself. But that day was a blessed day. She was called by someone and he said, “You, little girl. Your money is paid. You will go tomorrow.” She thought he was joking and didn’t pay him any attention because she thought no one could pay for her. Her parents were poor, her relatives have already paid for her. The man said “I’m not joking with you. You will go tomorrow. Be ready.” She couldn’t believe that but it was true. Her parents had sold everything they had and borrowed from the village. “Little girl, are you happy now?” said the people from there. She said quietly, “I’m not little. I’m almost seventeen,” half crying half laughing. She was glad and said, “Finally I will reach my dream country and be a singer. I love you Mom and Dad.” She thanked her parents.