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Miya Twigg, Lincoln College

February 2022

Her fire-red hair bounced around her waist as she confidently strolled down the street. She wore a tight black jumpsuit, that made her curves more pronounced, paired with a pair of white Adidas Runfalcon trainers. As if she had felt someone staring, she nervously gazed around her, paranoid that someone was following her, before lifting her head high, in a delicate manner. She clutched viciously at her expensive Ted Baker handbag, until she was in the safety of her circle of friends. She let out a long breath, not realising she had held so much air in her lungs.

She told the other girls about some boy she had met, forgetting to give her friends details on the boys looks, and how he asked her out on a date. Her friends screamed, ecstatic, they must’ve been. They all clung to her as if she was an angel, lifting her off the ground. Her luscious fire-red hair curling at the ends, formed a wing like shape, before everything disappeared.