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Luana Ribeiro, Lincoln College

February 2022

It's late at night right now.

The sky never fails to please my soul with its beauty.

Each star invigorating me with their shine

The dark sky compliments each star.

The headphones bursting music through my ears calming me from a tiring day.

The cold grass sent shivers coursing through my body.

I don’t move though.

I want to appreciate this.

I close my eyes feeling the wind brushing past my face and hair.

The music still filling my head and excluding every negative thought that the secret part of me may come up with.

They constantly follow me everywhere.

There’s always something negative to think about.

No matter the situation though,

It’s okay.

Music is my therapy.

The night sky.

And this free feeling is my home.

But the sky does look beautiful tonight.

I wish this could last forever.

I will let all the stars hypnotise me into peace.

At least just for a little while longer.