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Cameron Steer, Lincoln College

February 2022

It was like standing in a snow sandwich. The wind beating on the back of our necks as we walk along an empty snowed road. It was cold and all we could taste was the air of nothingness. There was a sudden movement behind us which was giving us the chills down our spines. It was a lone wolf that was hungry. In the distance there was an inviting building a pub or a house. Its lights flickering like Morse code. But there was something warm about it.

Walking to this place has taken hours. We had been planning for ages as this was our engagement party. So, both of our families were going to be there. We had been on a hike to this place for almost a day. It was almost dark. This place was like a palace in the snow. We were determined to get there. The snow had been falling all day. It was at knee level by the time the palace came into sight. We let out a sigh of relief. But the walk there seemed to get longer. The walk was worth it though it was the best adventure.