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As summer slowly turns to autumn by Tom Smith, Yeovil College

February 2022

I often wonder what it would be like if I could meet you.

To listen to the sound of your voice,

And be mesmerised by your stories from the past,

stories that only you would remember.

And then you would say ‘Wow, time does go too fast’

When they tell me what you were like,

I feel engulfed in the feeling of security,

knowing that you will look out for the ones.

The ones who always looked out for me.

I have been told about your kindness,

Bringing smiles into lives bit by bit

That you would do anything for those you love,

What the world needs is for you to be in it

The sunlight glistens on your tree,

and although I never met you,

I know of those who did

And I feel jealousy for those few.

Summer slowly turns to autumn

Then its time to lay a wreath

Listening to church bells,

As we think of you resting beneath.

I often feel that it’s unfair,

That everyone else can happily live on.

Because you deserved it more than most,

And you didn’t even meet your grandson.

He would be a different person

if you were here, it’s true

They say that the resemblance is prominent,

so I do feel like I know you.

But through my dad.