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Betty Baker's Magical Carrot Cake by Stacey Richards, North Hertfordshire College

February 2022

Windy, wet Wednesday was where the journey began, February frost sparkled on the rooftops and everyone was sleeping silently in their cosy warm beds.

The sun's rays peeped through the icy clouds and began to shine through every window in Francis Fancy land.

As the sun-kissed Betty Baker’s cheek she opened her beautiful brown eyes and gave her whole body a good stretch, ready for her day to begin.

Betty Baker sat up and froze with curiosity as her eyes set sight of the sparkling, shiny, shooting star placed softly at the foot of her bed.

She gazed with an interested look as she read:

To Betty Baker

An eggciting opportunity is being spread across the land of Francis Fancy.

I am looking for the most magical magnificent cake made with a difference to present at my celebration party on the 30th of July.

May the best baker win!

Wishing you hundreds and thousands of luck

King Francis.

Betty Baker bounced out of her bed, slid down the stairway and burst into her mother’s bedroom like a packet of popping candy ready to explode.

Betty Baker’s words iced her mother’s ears and with such pride her mother gave Betty Baker a magical key to a secret garden, her mother said “Betty lets go and get our wellies, whisk and baking bag and begin our journey to collect the most eggstraordinary ingredients from the secret garden.

Betty baker danced up the stairs to collect her Wellies, whisk and baking bag and bounced back down the stairs eagerly waiting for her mother, so that they could begin there magical journey.

Betty Baker and her mother danced along the winding path to the secret garden and sang loud for all to hear:

What’s in our cake?

What’s in our cake?

What’s in our cake today?

Let’s go through the garden to see what’s in our cake today.

There sweet voices travelled through the secret garden and sprinkled musical notes upon the ingredients living in the garden.

As they reached the end of the path Betty Baker’s mother placed a sweet kiss onto Betty Baker’s head and as she did a floating keyhole appeared, Betty Baker carefully took her magical key out of her baking bag and placed it into the floating keyhole as she did this Betty and her mother felt a whoosh and they were suddenly standing in fluffy, vanilla smelling garden.

Betty Baker looked around her she then heard a little voice and a gentle tap on her leg, as Betty looked down she was greeted by a Carrot that immediately jumped into the Baking bag.

Betty Baker’s mother looked at Betty Baker with an encouraging gaze and they sang

What’s in our cake?

What’s in our cake?

What’s in our cake today?

Let’s go through the garden to see what’s in our cake today.