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Duplicity, Anonymous, Weymouth College

February 2022

“I got the job!” I screeched to my friend Bailey as I frantically jumped up and down. I finally got my dream job to get me into university.

“Oh my God Aven, when do you start?! he squealed back to me in excitement. I paused as I realised I started tomorrow and I had to leave him and my family…tomorrow.

“They told me I uh, start tomorrow so I have to meet them on the coach at 6am to make our way to New York” I said sadly and anxiously not knowing what his response would be.

“That’s amazing!” he replied. “What, so you want me gone as soon as possible?” I stated. “Aven I want you gone so you can be the tour photographer for the biggest band in the world, Duplicity. Look I am going to miss you so much but this is amazing. You get to travel the world and go to concerts every night” he replied. I nodded and we began to pack for my big adventure.

I wake up the next morning after packing my whole room into a couple of bags, some possibly overflowing. I grab my phone from my bedside desk and leap out of bed as I forgot to set my alarm the night before. I drastically get ready and leave my house as quickly as possible and go to get into my rusty old car but it gets me from A to B. I get in after launching my bags into the back and check the time. I have 10 minutes to get to the coach which leaves in 5 minutes. What a great start to my new job this will be if I am going to be late.