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AoC Sport launches National Championships Lockdown Challenge

22 April 2020

AoC Sport is proud to launch the National Championships Lockdown Challenge in place of our cancelled 2020 National Championships. We are committed to providing students with the opportunity to represent their college even during these difficult times. So we have created a series of virtual challenges for colleges to compete against each other. AoC Sport has teamed up with a number of athletes and colleges to launch challenges in each of the 12 National Championship sports. The lockdown challenges aim to keep students active, motivated and engaged in sport whilst also providing a competitive element.

Timeline and format

The 12 challenges will be launched via AoC Sport’s Instagram and Twitter channels from Monday 27 April. Colleges will have until Thursday 7 May to complete the challenges. Colleges will be required to collect scores from their students and submit the college’s top scores in each challenge via this short form. Scores will be added to leaderboards in each sport, which will be available on our dedicated National Championships Lockdown Challenge page. Leaderboards will be updated at the end of each day. Staff are encouraged to submit their most up to date scores regularly to ensure their college remains competitive. There will be prizes on offer for the college that achieves the best score in each challenge. There will also be a Student Engagement Category prize for the college which engages the most students across all challenges. Leaderboards will be finalised and winners will be announced by Wednesday 13 May.

How to get involved

The National Championships Lockdown Challenge is open to all AoC Sport member colleges regardless of student qualification for the 2020 National Championships. Submit scores HERE. College staff will need to:
  • Check AoC Sport’s social media channels from Monday 27 April and share all challenges that are posted with their students
  • Ensure students send their attempts at challenges to college staff
  • Post challenge attempts on social media where possible and ensure AoC Sport is tagged
  • Keep a record of the scores students achieve and how many students take on the challenges
  • Submit the college’s top score in each challenge and the total number of students that have attempted the challenges by 5pm on Thursday 7 May. Scores submitted after this deadline will not be accepted.
Download the Lockdown Challenge checklist below: Lockdown Challenge Checklist