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AoC Sport Introducing campaign: Goalball

15 November 2021

Ao C Sport Introducing Goalball

We are pleased to introduce Goalball as part of the AoC Sport Introducing campaign with dedicated information for colleges on how to get staff and students involved.

Goalball is a 3-a-side indoor game of attack and defence designed for people who are blind and partially sighted. Sighted people can also play as everyone wears eyeshades.

The sport was originally devised in 1946 to help rehabilitate soldiers who had lost their sight during the war. It has been played throughout the world ever since by people who are blind or partially sighted and it is now part of the Paralympic Games.

How colleges can get involved

AoC Sport is working with Goalball UK to set up taster sessions as well as training up students on a number of Goalball UK courses, which you can view here.

These opportunities will be exclusively offered to Inclusion Hub colleges and Inclusion Ambassadors in the first year. If you are interested in finding out more about the Inclusion Hub programme visit our webpage here.

Colleges can set up their own teams (and take part in competitions), volunteer at their local club and/or at Goalball UK events and national competitions (e.g. Have a Go days, School Games, etc.) as well as deliver coaching and officiating qualifications.

If you are interested in getting involved with Goalball through volunteering, or setting up a taster session at your college visit Goalball UK or email Kathryn Fielding.

Find out more information about Goalball and how to get involved on the dedicated webpage.