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I am a Foster Child by Jorja Bridgwater, Stoke on Trent College

February 2022

I am a foster child.
I’ve moved from home to home,
Place to place,
Town to town,
Street to street.

I wondered how long I would stay in this home.
The days came when I heard my social worker say,
You’re moving home,
The days I dreaded for all my days!

I am a foster child.
That pretended three different homes and places were OK.
I felt warm tears slide down my face,
but yet I worried about my safety.

I am a foster child,
Who at the age of 11 understood more than I should.
I looked forward to going to school, and I mean it!
I would look forward to one day having parents that loved me.

I am a foster child.
child who was upset most of the time.
A child broken inside.
Somewhere a piece of my life is drifting out to sea.

I am a foster child.
A child who is hoping,
A child who is dreaming
A child praying for a happy family or life.

I was a foster child.
I am an achievement.
I am a success story, waiting to be read.
I cried myself to sleep because I was scared.

I was a foster child.
A child who proved people wrong.
A child who beat the odds.
A child who never gave up, no matter what people said.
I was a foster kid.