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AoC asks of the next government

Our five key asks are designed to help you engage with candidates. They are grounded in the reality of the challenges that colleges face, but are also focused on outcomes which politicians want to achieve such as economic growth, improved productivity and social inclusion. They also serve as benchmarks to mark any incoming government against.

We will shortly be releasing a document which provides further detail about these asks including their costings and supporting data.

1. A national skills strategy.

2. No young person left behind, with a comprehensive offer for everyone under 21.

3. A £35,000 starting salary by 2030 for college lecturers and closure of the pay gap with schools.

4. 250,000 apprenticeship starts per year for young people and adults in priority sectors.

5. 100,000 more people a year by 2030 with the skills they need for new jobs in digital, health and net zero.