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CREAM OF THE CROP by Lisa Rhodes, Northern College

February 2022

Anxious and nervous as I walk through the doors.

Forcing my feet to move and pushing myself to get into an educational groove.

I found my class, sat with my head down, but as I lift my head and look around.

I see my classmates for the first time and recognise the look upon their face.

They look just how I feel.

Nicky was our first tutor, just for a short time.

She was bubbly, kind and easy to like.

Next, we met the Ruth, who is such a bad ass,

She is such a blast.

But, by heck she pushed us real hard.

Not in a bad way, she wants us to succeed.

To grasp all this English and made sure we understand it.

Let’s not forget Sue who was there from start.

Help and support that’s what Sue does.

When we were stuck, she explained in a way that we understood.

At the end of the course.

I’m all simile’d out and metaphorically drained.

But I open my eyes and see what I’ve gained.

It’s given me courage to jump on the educational train.

To work hard, to reach my potential, to believe that one day,

I will pass all my courses and get my dream job.

But I didn’t think it was possible until I met Ruth, Nicky and Sue.

So here is a big thank you for taking time reach and teach me.

Educational Guru’s that’s what you all are.

And Northern College you certainly have, the cream of the crop.