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Wolf by Sloange Luis, Suffolk New College

February 2022

The moon is full and bright; the wolf is attracted to it straight away, as he howls at it. It's a chilly night and the wind is making the trees shiver making it look like they’re dancing in sync with the green grass. The wolf stops howling for a minute to admire the purple sky abundant with stars. It has just stopped raining and you can smell the freshly wet grass; the clouds are gray almost as they're getting ready to rain more throughout the night.

In the silence the sound of a breaking stick was heard and the wolf was desperate to find where the sound came from; it could have been a possible prey. The wolf was drooling by just thinking about how succulent the prey could be. As the wolf’s stomach growls in hunger for food, the wolf makes his way to seek and hunt the prey.

After a few hours of looking around for the prey, the wolf found a herd of deers wandering around the forest, clueless of what could happen in that chilly blinded night.

The wolf licks its lips getting ready to attack the deers, swirling its fluffy tail around patiently waiting for the right moment to make a move.

After most of the deer wandered off to go eat the freshly wet grass, the wolf decided it was the perfect time to attack at least one of them. He gets his huge and intimidating paws in position, shakes his body from side to side and speeds over to a deer and attacks it sideways, as the rest of them run away in fear of being next.

The wolf devours every piece left of the deer, satisfied and proud of the hunt he successfully did.

As it gets darker, the wolf decides to go back to his family, so he desperately sniffs around trying to remember where he came from so he could go back. He smelt a really familiar smell and followed it till he found the rocks he was sitting on when he was howling at the moon. So he knew where to go after and made his way back to his family.

He got comfy in his messy bed made out of fur and remains from previous prey and slept calmly through the night with a full stomach.