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The ghost ship by Leaine Fernandes, Boston College

February 2022

It was 3rd November 1968; it was a dark and gloomy night. It was midnight, me and my friends were out, we were laughing and making jokes with each other. We were out celebrating our friend Eric’s birthday even though he didn’t want to, he agreed eventually.

Suddenly as we were walking we heard something, it sounded like laughter and we went to see what it was but there was no one there. We thought we were imagining it and then we heard it again. This time it was more of an evil laugh. My friend Eric went to see and asked, "is anyone there?” My other friend Kirsty was scared and frightened, she didn’t want to know. I went ahead to see. There it was a ship which looked to be abandoned, I called out to my friends to come and look. Eric and I wanted to go on board but Kirsty was too scared so she stayed on watch.

On the ship there was no one on board, there was no crew or captain or anyone, so we had a look around. Eric went up to the captain's room and played around with the steering wheel. Suddenly the sail unfolded and the wind started to pick up and the ship started to sail. We were confused and scared. We didn't know what was happening no one was on the ship “who was controlling the ship”? I asked. Just then some strange looking ghostly figures appeared out of nowhere. We didn’t see it at first and then I turned and I saw it and gave a scream of terror. Eric turned and ran towards me and asked me what was the matter and I pointed trembling and when he saw it he gave a scream the same way I did and the ghostly figures ghost closer and closer and we ran to find somewhere to hide. We could hear the ghostly figures drawing closer and closer. Eric and I held onto each other trembling with fear. As they came closer my alarm clock rang and I woke up confused and puzzled. Was it all really a dream? Or did it really happen? Just then my phone rang and it was Eric. I picked up and he told me that he had just seen a ghost ship!