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Six Years Ago, Anonymous, St Helens College

February 2022

Dear Me,

Six years ago, you were on the floor of your best friend’s bedroom.

You just found out you and your family are now homeless.

It felt like you were wondering in the dark, everything was scary and unknown.

School became your last priority, education faded away as you took on new responsibilities.

You cared for your Mum.

The only comfort you had was to escape in books when there was no other support.

Three long years later your Mum grew the courage to make a life changing decision. She moved you all back to the North.

It took a lot to get there, but now you are at college which is a place you thought you would never get to.

Things are starting to feel stable - although you are still scared to decorate in case you have to leave, you are the happiest you have been in the last six years.

Remember this advice…

Even when it feels hopeless, like the cycle never ends, I promise things will get better. If you can get through something like that, you can get through anything.


You six years later.