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Jacob Barber, Suffolk New College

February 2022

A magnificent large mansion stood in front of me with its beautiful and well-kept garden. It looked like it was from a fairy tale with how magical it looked. The beautiful symmetrical flower beds that were well trimmed and looked as if they were all the exact same and not different flower beds. In the centre of the garden there was a breathtakingly amazing fountain that had some beautiful bushes that were cut to look as if they were human.

‘Neigh’ the sound of the large animal startled me and brought me back to reality from my awe. Atop the magnificent beast was a posh looking gentleman with a white riding helmet and knee-high boots.

The flowers gave off one of the most pleasant fragrances I had smelled in my life. They

smelled like the middle of summer and I was just laying in a field of them. When I opened my mouth to breath in, I could taste the flowers and they tasted like the finest nectar to ever exist. This made my mind race with thoughts of how lovely the taste of the flowers that gently tickled my tongue was that combined with the smell of the flowers made me think as if I was in heaven.

As I started to slowly walk forward, I felt the nice cool breeze of the wind on my skin it felt like the perfect weather to go to the beach and enjoy the nice gentle wave but it felt just as good in the open right by the most beautiful place I had ever seen in my life.

It also felt as if the person on the horse and I were from different worlds that were separated by money, status and power. I felt intimidated that someone was actually able to own something so grand it made me start to question whether or not I was even worth anything anymore.

The giant grand building had the most elegant looking array of windows that I had ever seen. It looked like they were taken straight from a glorious palace that was fit enough for the queen. It was like it was from another world.