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Anonymous, Weymouth College

February 2022

What kind of future,

The thoughts I have… they’ve become as loud as a lion’s roar,

I had thoughts that it was my time to go but…


Her laugh, her smile, her glow.

It opened something up inside me whether it was a door or even a window. Something changed when I saw her.

They say that when you die there’s a light you’re supposed to go towards, but they never speak about the lights we have on earth.

Those moments of joy where you feel your heart lift, or those moments you have with friends where you uncontrollably laugh,

Or those moments alone when you find a video of a cat doing something stupid.

I haven’t had many of those moments but God when I had them I held onto them just in case they did not happen again…they haven’t in a while.

But she was the light,

She was the moment for me,

But even she couldn’t keep the lion tamed,

And that’s the confusing part of life, how can everything be put into a little box all neat and tidy and still be a mess.

Yet if you read about my life on paper you’d be confused on how I can feel so down when my life is as easy as waking up.

Some questions never get answered,

Sometimes the question isn’t even a question, it’s a statement.

But that’s life, unfortunately.