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The NOT so wonderful world of Whiz by Izzy, Yeovil College

February 2022

Chapter 1 - Whiz Wurlington

What happens when a wonderful world turns out to be not so wonderful? The truth is the world seems so perfect to most but not to Whiz. Whiz was not happy with the world. In fact, Whiz Wurlington was the unhappiest girl in all the entire world and she knew it. Whiz was a brown-haired, blue-eyed, short-legged girl with serious attitude issues. Her particular interest in people made her one of the nosiest children in all the town. She was often caught peeking over fences, snooping in her neighbour’s garden for she lived next door to an astronaut. For any normal child, this would be seen as boring but for Whiz it was exciting, she wanted to know everything about other planets and the solar system. She was filled with bursting curiosity and fascination at the idea of going to space.

Whiz would often dream of other worlds out there, worlds she could call home, for she found this world not so wonderful. Mr and Mrs Wurlington were seen as a very normal couple in the town but to Whiz they were extremely boring. Mrs Wurlington was a lean, tall and slender women with short brown bobbed hair and red pointy glasses. Whiz would often refer to her mother as having a green bean appearance. She was a very talkative woman and was always quoting some sort of Shakespearean play. Mr Wurlington on the other hand was a slumped sprouted man, nearly half the size of his wife. He had curly frizzy hair and circular glasses. Though he was much quieter than Mrs Wurlington, he was equally obsessed with literature contexts and books.

It was not a normal day for Whiz unless one of her parents lectured her on the importance of studying social contexts within famous literature. She spent most of those draining conversations, dreaming about the stars but every time she mentioned her aspiration to travel to space or to go on breath-taking adventures, they would laugh at her and always say the exact same thing “ All the adventures you need can be found within the pages of a book “.Whiz was astonished and outraged at this recurring remark, so much so she would often storm away slamming doors and screaming. Her parents being both librarians never experienced a true adventure unless it was found printed on cream coloured paper or bound in hardback copies.

Unfortunately, Whiz spent a lot of time slamming doors for she and her parents never saw eye to eye on this topic. She wanted so much more than to read books, she wanted to live them, experience the real adventures for herself but clearly, the world she lived in wouldn’t allow her to do so. This made her angry. So one-night Whiz woke up after tossing and turning through the stormy weather and she decided that one day she would leave this not so wonderful world for good and create a better one just for herself. She spent so much time shut away in her little squared room at the top of the stairs dreaming about space and her extraordinary plan…