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Samuel Herring, WUC

February 2022

To be human, is to have humanity but what is humanity and what is it to be human?

Humanity is the fusion of man’s flaws and perfections as the law of nature dictate you cannot be one without the other. And those without humanity are known as monsters, to be those who desire blood and death and without emotion. If man without humanity are monsters then we are all truly monsters at heart.

There are 7 kinds of monsters in this world:

Monsters of sloth who trick others to do their work for them

Monsters of lust who do anything to satisfy their future desires

Monsters of gluttony who eat their fill, hunger without restriction

Monsters of envy who turn others against each other for their own selfish gain

Monsters of greed who complete their current desire without remorse

Monsters of pride who only care for themselves and can never love another and finally the most dangerous of them all, monsters of anger who destroy anything in their path without a second thought about others around them.

I have seen these monsters first hand, in the news, in governments and even in those closest to me. All monsters can be seen by everyone, everywhere you can turn a monster lurches in the darkness. They scheme, plot, and design their way to corrupt a peaceful living thing in this harmonious world.

In this world of darkened sight, light always finds a way to make it right. Monsters come to take over this world but nature dictates that conquers shall be born to defeat them in the name of all that is good. These people hide among the monsters, in their shadows, hidden in plain sight. Protecting us from those monsters by calling upon the power of the monsters they used to be to conquer them.

Like the 7 kinds of monsters, there are 7 kinds of conquerors or as they are truly known, the 7 guardians;

Guardians of diligence

Guardians of chastity who keep the corruption away from the pure

Guardians of temperance who keep a strong will to resist all temptation

Guardians of kindness who help everyone in need with a smile on their faces

Guardians of charity who give to those in need of guidance to light

Guardians of humility who take pride in others rather than themselves and the strongest of them all the guardians of forgiveness who have the power to move mountains and split the seas apart. These guardians hold the light against the darkness of the monsters. The guardians can be found inside us along with the monsters, we have to choose which one comes out. We can control who we become and which side of us wins.

This constant battle is an aspect of life that is unwinnable and each side has different names but all lead to the same thing. Light and darkness, order and chaos, humanity and monstrosity, all these battles lead to the same conclusion….the balance of nature.