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Dragon by Eithen Mogambo, Suffolk New College

February 2022

A long time ago in an ancient cave on enough gold to make you the richest man alive, there lay a mighty dragon whose scales were as red as blood. his wings as wide as two villages side by side and his body the size of an entire castle. His eyes burned with a mighty rage with one thing on his mind “must burn all thieves” he said in a low rumbling voice which also sounded like the crackle of flames with each word he spoke; for this was no normal dragon this dragon was once human a brave and powerful night called Drago built like an ox hence his gargantuan size in dragon form.

This is how it happened one day Drago was on a quest for his great and powerful king who was quite greedy when it came to riches and coin but Drago thought to himself at least he pays well. The king said “fetch me the gold from the cave of riches Drago and you will be immensely rewarded it is said a young maiden guards that treasure waiting for someone to replace her and free her from that wretched place” Drago nodded with smirk he said “yes my liege as you command” so Drago left the castle and jump upon his mighty stead covered in steel armour as was Drago. He rode through the village seeing many things like the poor thieves and many more unfortunate citizens struggling under the king's selfish rule but he did not care only daydreaming of the riches he would obtain. As he got to the grave he heard an angelic humming coming from deep in the cave so he jumped down from his horse and curiously went to investigate when he came upon a beautiful maiden, her hair like a flowing river and her skin as soft round as a peach. amazed by here appearance and beautiful dress he asked her “I hear you are looking for a replacement” he said “ indeed and a strong one” she said in a seductive and evil tone Drago said well “ill be perfect for the job “flexing his muscles and showing of his gleaming armour.” yes you’ll be perfect” with a wave of her hand lightning between her fingers she struck him with a curse she yelled in a darkened tone “you will be a terrifying city destroying dragon and guard this gold for all eternity ahahahaha! '' as a cloud of smoke swirled around him he felt himself changing his skin turned to scales wings emerging from his bake as he hauled in pain , his eyes transformed to fairy eyes like ember and as he grew larger and larger those howl's turd into mighty and terrifying roar and as he stood in his new monstrous dragon form he growled at the witch but as he was ready to release a rage filled fire upon her she vanished into the air all he could think was all thieves will burn as revenge for this reached curse after he again roared a terrifying roar of rage and anguish into the cave sealing knowing his fate was sealed.