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Anonymous, Weymouth College

February 2022

A harsh red glow highlighted the landscape, the world a pure black lined with red, tall jagged rocks towering into the sky surrounding a sunken city. Buildings tilting left and right, windows shattered and cracked, dust and rubble covering the streets. Cracks stretched through roads and buildings, falling seemingly forever into the endless void below.

Horned faceless, stone-like figures with glowing eyes standing in the windows, watching.

Screams and screeches echoed around the decayed streets. Screeches are harsh enough to piece your very soul.

The air was filled with a dense grey smog with white particles falling from an unknown source above. The sky was a pure blood red with more smog-like clouds passing overhead.

Looking further into the city a giant monolith stands tall, engravings climbing the sides, a viscous deep red fluid running within them. Spikes of rock and bone jutting from the base of the monolith surrounded by a pool of the same liquid in the engravings.

Perched above, a winged beast with great curled horns upon its head and twisted claw-like fingers stretching from its muscular arms. An ominous yet powerful aura emanated from the creature with smoke pouring from its many glowing wounds.