Each year the Association of Colleges puts together a number of publications that reflect the important work of colleges and the sector.

  • Publications 2021

    • Catch up funding and remote education survey Autumn 2021

      The survey specifically looked to gather information on lost learning, catch up tuition and remote learning in relation to the pandemic. Questions cover remote education, assessment and exams, apprenticeships, the workforce, devices and connectivity, lost learning (for both new and continuing students), additional support and 16-19 Tuition Fund.

    • AoC 16-18 projections to 2030 (August 2021)

      Report highlighting the growing numbers of 16-18-year-olds in England who will need to be funded in colleges.

    • AoC Level 4-5 Costings Research

      This briefing paper summarises findings from rapid research on costing of level 4/5 programmes at FE colleges and HEIs.

    • Mental Health in Colleges

      The mental health and wellbeing of students and staff is a huge priority for colleges. See our full survey findings and recommendations.

    • International Survey 2020

      Survey report of international activity in colleges 2020, taking a look at the impact of Covid-19 and Brexit on international work in further education colleges

  • Publications 2020

    • The impact of competition in post-16 education & training

      A study on sufficiency, efficiency, and effectiveness of Post-16 provision

    • Arrangements for planning, commissioning, funding, and supporting provision for post-16 high needs students

      The purpose of the review was to provide a clearer understanding of how local authorities and providers within the post-16 high needs system – general further education colleges and special post-16 institutions – can work together to manage an increased demand for support for High Needs students, and what more can be done to make best use of resources.

    • Adult Programme Costs and Rates (November 2020)

      The analysis presented in this report was carried out because of increasing concerns about the lack of funding rate increases in the adult budget for 10 years. It was clear that without any uprating for inflation that the purchasing power had reduced. What we did not know was how difficult it had become to viably support many vital courses and programmes.

    • Innovation in Further Education Colleges Summer 2020

      This survey was developed to support work that AoC is undertaking for the Gatsby Foundation on the role innovation plays within an FE college’s strategic planning and employer and local engagement.

    • AoC Guidance on Results Days 2020

      Guidance for colleges on A Level and GCSE results days 2020

    • REBUILD: A Skills Led Recovery Plan

      AoC is calling on government for another bold and necessary course of action to reduce the post post-furlough shock, minimise the risk of economic scarring, and prepare the country for the rebuild.

    • AoC draft response to Ofqual consultation on vocational and technical qualification awarding summer 2020

    • AoC response to Ofqual consultation on exam grading and assessment

    • AoC's Spring Budget Submission Paper

    • International Survey 2019

  • Publications 2019

    • College Governance Survey 2019

      In July 2019, AoC supported by the Governors' Council and National Governance Professionals Special Interest Groups conducted a national governance survey. Here is a summary of the findings.

    • The impact of Erasmus+ in UK FE colleges

      This report discusses the impact of Erasmus+ in UK further education colleges

    • Meeting the needs of students aged 16-19 who were not in school for part or all of Key Stage 4: The contribution of general FE colleges

      A research report undertaken by Ruth Perry on behalf of the Association of Colleges that outlines the contribution of FE colleges supporting young people who were not in school in Key Stage 4.

    • Spending round 2020-1 (August 2019)

      The Chancellor announced an accelerated spending round 4 September. We have produced a 7 page paper with 10 recommendations for Treasury and DfE.

    • Personal and Social Development in post-16 education survey report

      The survey responses show that there is a strong commitment to PSD and enrichment activity in colleges.

    • Shaping Communities: colleges and social action (June 2019)

      You cannot help but be impressed by the brilliant work that colleges do. Have a read for yourself and find out some of the ways they’re transforming lives and communities.

    • Skills shortages and funding gaps (May 2019)

      An analysis of the costs of under-investment in skills

    • Campaigning & Influencing (February 2019)

      2019 is a pivotal year for colleges with the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR). This resource is aimed at supporting your local campaigning with a range of key influencers.

    • The Basics of Campaigning: A Guide (February 2019)

      This guide with provide all the information you and your teams need to navigate campaigning on key issues for the sector.

    • Strategic College Improvement Fund (February 2019)

      AoC has commented on the process evaluation of the Strategic College Improvement Programme and there is a short summary of our view on peer-led sector improvement programmes.

    • Developing a Four Nations College Blueprint for a Post-Brexit Economy (January 2019)

      A discussion paper, written by FE leaders in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales (published 22 January), outlining the best ways for the government to deliver a strong economy and robust labour market once we have left the European Union.

  • Publications 2018

    • International Activity in Colleges: The 2018 Association of Colleges Survey (November 2018)

    • Improving mental wellbeing in college through physical activity (October 2018)

    • AoC's 2018 Report on College Finances (September 2018)

    • AoC Sport Impact Report 2017/2018 (September 2018)

    • Scripting the Future (July 2018)

      This is a paper published by FETL, in partnership with the Association of Colleges and the Centre for Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance (SKOPE) at Oxford University.

    • Mental Health and Wellbeing; a collection of college case studies (June 2018)

    • Celebrating student success past and present (January 2018)