Preparing for conversations with HSE inspectors

Colleges may be subject to telephone spot checks from HSE to get a view on how risks are being managed and how staff and students are being kept safe. We don't yet have a definitive list of questions, but we can share some feedback from schools about potential themes to help you to prepare:

Managing Risks

  • Does the school have a risk assessment for Covid-19?
    • Who was involved in developing the risk assessment?
    • Were trades unions involved?
  • How would you judge your school on controlling the risks of Covid-19?
  • What would you do if:
    • a parent told you they had tested positive?
    • a student was tested positive?
    • a member of staff tested positive?
  • List changes to allow for 2m social distancing
  • What is the school doing re cleaning?
  • Do you have areas that are 'high touch points' and what is happening in those areas?
  • Does everyone have access to handwashing facilities?
  • Is there hand-santiser (at least 70% alcohol) freely available around school?


  • How many staff are in school?
  • How confident are you that staff can keep their recommended 2m social distance?

Updated 9 September 2020