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T Level Transition Programme

The T Level Transition Programme is a one-year post-GCSE course designed to prepare students for your their route. It provides relevant knowledge, practical and study skills for the full two-year T Level programme.

As of October 2021 there are c.3,550 students enrolled on T Level Transition Programmes. These are broken down into:

  • c.650 for T Level Transition Programme for Construction
  • c.900 for T Level Transition Programme for Digital
  • c.750 for T Level Transition Programme for Education
  • c.1,250 for T Level Transition Programme for Health and Science.


Below is a timeline of the rollout of T Levels with the awarding bodies which offer them in brackets. Clicking the links will take you through to the Government website with further information on each subject.

Launched September 2020

Launched September 2021

    Launching September 2022

    Launching September 2023


    The 2016 Sainsbury Review of Technical Education and Government Skill Plan set out an ambitious framework for changes to post-16 technical education built upon a routes based system found in many northern European countries. T Levels will be introduced gradually from 2020. Links to key documents and information can be found below.