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Pears #Iwill Youth Social Action Apprenticeship Project

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What is it?

Pears #iwill Fund have invested in five Youth Social Action Apprentices studying for a Level 3 Youth Social Worker qualification to work across 20 colleges nationally. The Apprentices are employed and studying in their host colleges and split their time equally to work in three further local partnership colleges.

The focus of the Apprentice is to

  • Raise the awareness of Youth Social Action (YSA) and empower students to take action and address local issues.
  • Use students voice and actions in a meaningful way to bring a practical and positive difference to others and the environment
  • Developing students’ character, confidence and skills that can support future employment
  • To establish sustainable models for embedding YSA within colleges
  • Engage the local community and contributed to its improvement
  • Developing lasting partnerships with local organisations
  • Raise the positive profile of colleges through social action in the local community

We are delighted with the impact the programme is having, and the amazing outcomes the five Youth Social Action Apprentices have had on their colleges, their students, and their local communities so far.

Youth Social Action Resources Section

The resources below aim to showcase good practice in Youth Social Action and share the learnings from the Apprentices and their colleges from the Pears #iwill Youth Social Action Apprentice Programme. We hope the documents can support other colleges undertaking their social action journey in further education.

Projects Report Section

The reports below showcase the current learning from the project including how social action is being successfully embedded in the colleges involved. They provide an overview of the project and highlight the key activity, reach, and successes of the 5 Youth Social Action Apprentice’s work so far.

The reports also showcase the outcomes that social action has been able to have on the colleges involved, their students, and their local communities. Whilst also showcasing the personal development journey our apprentices have been on.

Where can I find out more?

For more information, please contact Alyson Hastie.

Pears Foundation Youth Social Action Programme: Phase 2