Case Studies

Case studies are a great way of showcasing the great work taking place in college higher education (HE). Below are case studies from different colleges on their existing and emerging practices in relation to scholarly activity. If you would like to submit a case study, please see our guidelines.

Latest case studies:

Greater Brighton Metropolitan-The Scholarship of Integration Digital Experience Design (PDF,284.54 KB)

Hereford College of Arts-Ferrous 2017 Scholarship in action at Hereford College of Arts (PDF,254.47 KB)

Hereford College of Arts-Introducing conTEXT – student-led scholarly journal at Bristol School of Art (PDF,247.73 KB)

Leicester and Derby Colleges -Celebrating Scholarship Running a regional staff and student scholarship conference (PDF,150.05 KB)

Myerscough University Centre -Developing crucial employability skills through enrichment activities (PDF,454.59 KB)

Pearson Education - Developing the scholarly profile via Pearson BTEC Higher National courses (PDF,141.52 KB)

Case studies:

Blackburn College - Aligning Supported Research and Scholarship activities (PDF,276.56 KB)

Blackpool and the Fylde College - ‘Integrating real world staff and student research in the Foundation Degree (FD) Human Biosciences programme’ (PDF,170.78 KB)

Blackpool and the Flyde College - Supporting the Engineering Industry through Work Related Bespoke Programme Development, Delivery and Partnerships (PDF,287.51 KB)

Canterbury College - Approaches to assessing the importance and impact of experiential learning (PDF,103.46 KB)

Canterbury College - Contextualising transferrable skills to career development through student collaboration (PDF,94.12 KB)

Canterbury College - Preparation and publication of a research paper by an undergraduate project student and academic supervisor (PDF,92.36 KB)

Central College Nottingham - The Creation of a Student Led Photographic Agency (PDF,418.43 KB)

Cheshire Colleges - The development of a cross-college group of practitioner researchers (PDF,132.84 KB)

Cheshire Colleges - The development of a peer observation scheme to actively support HE pedagogical discourse and reflection as a form of scholarly activity (PDF,123.01 KB)

Cheshire Colleges - Developing a cross-college research conference (PDF,141.84 KB)

College of North West London - Strategies to encourage hourly paid Lecturer (HPL) engagement with scholarly activity (PDF,143.46 KB)

Darlington - The case of the student teacher academic poster (PDF,306.04 KB)

Doncaster College and University Centre - Industry Engagement: Extra-curricular Accredited Training for BA Creative Music Technology (PDF,374.29 KB)

Doncaster College and University Centre and Doncaster Council - “Your College Needs You” (PDF,454.91 KB)

Doncaster College and University Centre - The Value of Employer Involvement in College Conferences (PDF,238.9 KB)

Doncaster College and University Centre - The Use of Digital Technology as a Self-Reflective Tool for Sport Coaching Students (PDF,205.58 KB)

East Kent College - Building a Level 4 programme in Early Years with direct industry involvement (PDF,95.93 KB)

East Kent College - Scholarship in Action - Interaction between theory and practice and its effect on learner progression (PDF,165.14 KB)

East Kent College - The importance of balancing both theory and practical work in the delivery of the HNC in music at East Kent College, taking into consideration the needs of the stakeholders involved (PDF,222.29 KB)

East Kent College - Deepening the educational impact of co-location of business and education on Discovery Park for the chemical industry introduction (PDF,180.88 KB)

East Kent College - Assessing and addressing the Gender Imbalance within UCAS Applications for Level 4 HNC in Computing & Systems Development student applications (PDF,255.48 KB)

East Surrey College - The Value of the Dual Professional – for Staff and Students (PDF,375.03 KB)

Gloucestershire College, South Gloucestershire and Stroud College and Hereford College of Arts - Digital Scholarship (PDF,157.68 KB)

Grwp Llandrillo Menai - Publishing an academic journal to develop scholarly activity amongst staff and students (PDF,168.78 KB)

Harrogate College - Employer Engagement and Work Based Learning (PDF,241.63 KB)

Hereford College of Arts - Going beyond the walls of the studio: The Pink Kube At (PDF,309.93 KB)

Hereford College of Arts - Digital scholarship of teaching and learning (PDF,174.29 KB)

Hereford College of Arts - Research, Theory and Practice: studying for a Masters degree in Contemporary Crafts (PDF,319.02 KB)

Hereford College of Arts - Capturing the Magic of the Neuro-Diverse Student (PDF,179.65 KB)

Hereford College of Arts - Developing pedagogical practice at HE in FE through the creation of less formal online learning spaces (PDF,212.57 KB)

Hereford College of Arts: Jack Clarke: Practice-led research: combining theory and practice to communicate ideas through the art object (PDF,248.71 KB)

Hereford College of Arts - an example of student scholarly activity in a creative arts context (PDF,208.83 KB)

Hereford College of Arts - Working in partnership with external communities; creative arts education outside the institution as a way to develop employability skills alongside practice (PDF,225 KB)

Hull College - The Benefits of Participation in the BCUR Posters in Parliament event (PDF,721.32 KB)

Hull College - Critical and Theoretical Studies (CATS) (PDF,226.9 KB)

Hull College Group - SPSS and NVivo: The Use of Software Programs to Improve Research Analyses (PDF,192.48 KB)

Hull College Group - The Application and Maintenance of Research Ethics at the Hull College Group (PDF,111.76 KB)

Hull School of Art Design, Hull College - Green Port Sculptures - Collaborative, Practice-based Research with Students as Partners (PDF,385.98 KB)

Leeds College of Art - Writing workshops at Leeds College of Art (PDF,175.88 KB)

Leicester College - Employer engagement and work-based learning (PDF,475.87 KB)

Melbourne Polytechnic - Engaging students with relevant, current and interesting topics (PDF,375.49 KB)

Myerscough College – Integrating applied research into academic Higher Education (HE) sports programmes (PDF,317.54 KB)

Myerscough College - Investigating Risk Factors in Equestrian Eventing (PDF,214.92 KB)

Myerscough College - Research and Scholarly Activity in HE in FE institutions (PDF,399.26 KB)

Myerscough College - Land-based college generating and sustaining high quality research (PDF,434.63 KB)

New College Durham - Innovation in the Higher Education Curriculum (PDF,268.31 KB)

Northbrook College - Patchwork writing in the Creative Arts (PDF,197.21 KB)

Northbrook Metropolitan College - Implementing a Peer-Assisted Study Skills scheme in a college based HE setting (PDF,85.9 KB)

New College Nottingham - The peer review process – helping us recognise scholarship that is already there? (PDF,176.15 KB)

North Kent College - Stress Free Study (PDF,203.31 KB)

North Kent College - Stress-free Study (PDF,103.11 KB)

North Kent College - The Enhancement of Foundation Degree Sports Science Students’ Study Skills and Their Application to Assessment and Employability (PDF,203.31 KB)

University Centre Peterborough, Peterborough Regional College - Embedding Scholarship - University Centre Peterborough’s new Student Research Ambassadors (PDF,89.08 KB)

University Centre Peterborough, Peterborough Regional College - Student Research Ambassadors (PDF,89.08 KB)

Truro College, Cornwall - Integrating research meaningfully into the student learning experience (PDF,163.5 KB)

The Sheffield College - Developing a work based learning module (PDF,207.53 KB)

University Centre Peterborough, Peterborough Regional College - Developing conferences as places for scholarship (PDF,166.4 KB)

University Centre Weston - Designing a Teacher Led Reward and Recognition Scheme (PDF,210.74 KB)