Teach Too resources

A set of practical resources have recently been developed to support employer provider partnerships to work collaboratively to improve the relevance of technical education and training. These resources include advice and guidance that colleagues will find useful as they share knowledge on industry practice and teaching and learning objectives. 

Feedback from those who have used the resources is that they are comprehensive yet flexible enough to be able to adapt to different business requirements and learner needs. Providers have also commented that by working with the toolkits and adopting Teach Too principles, learners are more likely to recognise their pathway from training to employment.

Teach Too framework 

This framework is intended to outline key principles that underpin the central characteristics of high quality technical delivery. It draws largely on the outcomes of the later phases of Teach Too projects and resources and is also informed by outputs from other stakeholders. The framework includes a commentary on how the framework can be used to help meet the expectations of the technical reforms and lists relevant sources to support the use of the framework. 

Collaboration readiness checklist 

This resource supports the initial conversations between employers and education and training providers. It has been designed to be done together and will help partnerships to develop mutual goals and areas for development.  The tool can also be used to benchmark progress. 

Business case planning toolkit 

This toolkit allows organisations to formalise their goals and can act as a framework for engaging senior level buy in. The resource includes a template and explores the characteristics of effective Teach Too collaboration. There are templates not only for business planning but for risk identification, market analysis and implementation plans. 

Co-curriculum design and delivery toolkit 

This comprehensive toolkit explores the many ways that curriculum can be designed and delivered in collaboration and provides activities that move towards embedding collaboration between education and training providers and employers, creating a sense of shared responsibility for technical and vocational programmes. 

This toolkit will aid the process and breaks down some of the barriers each partner may face. There is a section which looks at the structure of qualifications. It focuses on the importance of identifying the learning aims, outcomes and assessment of programmes and looks at how doing this in partnership allows you to consider how both parties can support the learner experience. 

Dual professionalism toolkit 

Dual professionals are colleagues who combine occupational expertise and experience with excellent teaching and learning practice. Dual professionals are committed to maintaining and developing their expertise in both aspects of their role to ensure the best outcomes for their learners.

This toolkit provides examples, activities and points of consideration to support occupational and pedagogy expertise. The toolkit provides guidance on how to enhance teaching and learning by combining specialisms and aligning the classroom to the workplace.  

Teach Too mapping tool 

This short guide has been produced to illustrate how working to the principles of Teach Too could support education and training providers’ responses to the requirements of OFSTED and the Government’s careers strategy, to improve the quality of provision and meet Common Inspection Framework (CIF) criteria for outstanding provision.

Teach Too glossary of terms 

To help overcome langue barriers faced when working in partnership with employers.