Research and Publication

AoC Proposal for a Technical Education Accreditation Council:

AoC has published a document outlining how a technical and professional education system can become a reality building on the two previous papers in the Breaking the Mould series.

Access and Widening Participation in College Higher Education (HE)

Action on Access and AoC have produced briefing notes fousing on access and widening participation. These describe concepts, models of practice and realistic ways to implement widening participation policies and practices. The briefings will be useful for all colleges that receive the HEFCE the student opportunity grant.

Access and Widening Participation in College HE Briefing Paper 1: Widening Participation Measures and Indicators

Access and Widening Participation in College HE Briefing Paper 2: Student Retention, Attainment and Experience in College-Based Higher Education

Access and Widening Participation in College HE Briefing Paper 3: Effective and Collaborative Outreach

Access and Widening Participation in College HE Briefing Paper 4: Thinking about Evaluation

AoC Commissioned Report on Part-Time College HE

This report on part-time college higher education was commissioned by AoC. The report offers valuable insights into the five year trends in full time as well as part-time (HEFCE recognised HE as well as non-prescribed HE), highlights the reasons for decline in part-time college HE and sheds lights on the strategies adopted by the college to help address the decline. The report also offers insights into student motivations and experiences of studying college HE. The report will be a valuable resource for all colleges that deliver HE.

Report on Part-Time College HE (PDF,2.85 MB)

Briefing Paper - Consumer Protection Law

Briefing Paper Competition and Markets Authority: Consumer Protection Law requirements - application and offer stages. (PDF,346.44 KB)

Our 2014 publication looks at ways in which higher technical and vocational education could be used to close the skills gap. This makes recommendations about the way funding and accreditation could be used to provide a better service to students.

Breaking the Mould – Creating higher education fit for the future (PDF,4 MB)

We continue to believe a wide ranging approach is needed to tackle the relative lack of higher technical and professional education in England and we make important practical suggestions in this regard in our follow up paper to "Breaking the Mould" which is attached below.

Breaking the Mould - The Next Steps (PDF,601.06 KB)


Preparing for Higher Education Review

All colleges with higher education provision will undergo Higher Education Review, or its successor, by 2018. This paper offers clarification and guidance for those colleges preparing for review. It draws on the experience of some of the colleges that have had successful, or less positive, reviews.

The Mixed Economy Group of Colleges Publications

The Mixed Economy Group of Colleges have produced several useful reports relating to college HE: