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What is Dodgeball?

A dodgeball team is made up of six players whose aim is to eliminate the opposition by hitting them directly with a ball, catching an opponent’s throw or if their opponent steps out of the court.

It is played with five balls on a 17m by 8m court with a 1.5m zone in the middle, which both sets of players can enter. A game is called a ‘set’ and each match is made up of a series of sets lasting three minutes. For the full rules of dodgeball click here.

Most sports halls do not have dodgeball court markings so you will need some non-marking court tape. A full court diagram can be viewed here. You will also need five size 3 cloth dodgeballs, which can be purchased via the British Dodgeball website.

How can colleges get involved?

British Dodgeball has a college offer which is made up of three strands – participation, qualifications & training and competition.

The idea is that there is something for all colleges wishing to play dodgeball, whether it is for the first time, completing a coach or leadership qualification or taking part in inter-college competition.


To get started with dodgeball at your college you will to need a staff member, student or a group to take the lead.

Setting up some new activity could even be done as part of a course, as many transferable skills will be required and the experience gained will be beneficial to the student.

To get the ball rolling perhaps advertise for a dodgeball ambassador/leader. If you need any further support, email British Dodgeball via


The recommended dodgeballs for colleges to use are official size 3 cloth dodgeballs.

Special offer for colleges:

10 size 3 dodgeballs and a storage bag for £75 (usual price - £90)

Contact to place your first order.


British Dodgeball offers free club membership to all colleges. Becoming a member will enable you to better understand the needs for dodgeball at your college and how British Dodgeball can best support you. All you need to do is sign up via the British Dodgeball website.

Qualifications & Training

Face to Face Training Referee & Coach Leader Level 1 Coach Level 2 Coach
£250 per course £400 per course £120 per course
Online Training Intro to Dodgeball Intro into Coaching Dodgeball Online Level 1 Coach
£20 per person £20 per person £40 per person


There are plenty of free resources available for colleges to download to support their own sessions and competitions that can be found here.

If you are interested in getting involved with competitions run by British Dodgeball please email to find out more.

How can students get involved outside of college?

British Dodgeball have over 100 adult and junior community clubs which operate throughout the UK. Costs to participate in community club sessions range from £3 - £4 per session. You can find a club near you via the Playwaze club finder - Click here to find a club near you

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