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AoC Sport Creative Development and Production Project; videography & graphic design service 

25 January 2023


AoC Sport is the membership organisation for colleges, leading the development of sport and physical activity in 16+ education. AoC Sport’s vision is for sport and physical activity to embedded within college life. AoC Sport promotes, supports, and delivers college sport and physical activity across 211 member institutions and provides competition across 11 sports for the wider further education sector. We have a strategic ambition to grow participation and increase access to sport and physical activity in colleges. We also want to increase awareness of AoC Sport and sport in FE outside of the FE sector, attracting commercial and strategic partners.

AoC Sport is looking for a media partner to capture, create and edit content (video and other assets) about what FE colleges are like with focuses on student life, good practice, and sport & enrichment experiences. Whilst also using current data and research from AoC Sport to bring to life the positive work and impact colleges are doing and have on their students and communities.


The purpose of appointing a media partner is to create a series of videos and other key assets to promote FE Colleges and tell a story of what it is like to be a student at an FE college taking part in sport and or being active and what barriers, they are facing. This will be used to promote the work of FE Colleges and AoC Sport when initiating work with new partners and future funders. It will also support the work AoC Sport is doing to lobby partners by sharing the positive impacts on getting students active at college.

The videos will be able to show a clear narrative whilst grabbing the attention of 16-19 year old students and senior professionals at partner organisations. The videos will be able to be viewed as short form on phones and tablets as well as medium length videos (5 minutes) on phones and computers.

The other assets created will be used to promote the videos on social media and in meetings, presentations and static communications such as e-mail.

Content required:

  • Overview of what colleges do, who attends them.
  • Students taking part in sport and physical activity – ensure representative of college demographics including disabled students and ethnically diverse students.
  • Talking heads why students take part or don’t take part in sport and physical activity.
  • Include infographics including data provided by AoC Sport and Sport England.

Roles and Responsibilities

The media partner will:

  • Capture live footage and interviews from selected individuals and events.
  • Edit the raw footage into a series of 60 second videos that can join together.
  • Provide the videos in suitable formats for all types of social media, laptops, tablets and mobile.
  • Create supporting graphics to go with the videos.
  • Work with AoC Sport to embed data from research being undertaken.
  • Be fully DBS checked.

AoC Sport will:

  • Arrange the times and locations for filming.
  • Assist in briefing the college.
  • Provide a briefing for all attendees that will be included in any of the video footage.
  • Provide data to be included in videos.
  • Manage the rollout of the videos and content.
  • Identify the most effective platforms to host and share the videos.

Agreement and Fees

The deadline for this work to be completed is the 31st March 2023.

The fee for the work agreed is negotiable and will paid by invoice to AoC Sport. The budget for this project is £10,000.

Please apply by Friday 10 February.


Sam Strickson, Partnerships and Programmes Development Officer, AoC Sport. Email: | Telephone: 07918 935362