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AoC Sport Introducing – iGolf

16 May 2022

AoC Sport Introducing campaign: iGolf

We are pleased to introduce the iGolf as part of the AoC Sport Introducing campaign with dedicated information for colleges on how to get staff and students involved.

How can Colleges get involved?

iGolf is an online subscription provided by England Golf, which allows non-club members the ability to obtain an official WHS (World Handicap System) Handicap Index.

iGolf provides an opportunity for golfers with changing lifestyles to keep them playing the game, which includes golfers who are progressing with their education. In addition, it can support any golfers who are simply seeking a different opportunity to club membership. Through the provision of a handicap, golfers will play more regularly, benefiting from getting out in the fresh air and playing golf with friends or family.

Benefits to becoming an iGolf subscriber include:

  • An official handicap index
  • Access to the MyEG app to submit scores, track your progress, view your friends’ activity and receive relevant golfing notifications
  • Being part of a digital community of golfers
  • Easy sign-up process
  • Great value at just £40 for a 12-month subscription
  • Peace of mind and protection with personal liability insurance
  • Flexible opportunity to suit your lifestyle