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AoC Sport Fitness Trainer Competition 2022

03 February 2022

Fitness Trainer Competition returns 2021

AoC Sport are pleased to confirm that our popular Fitness Trainer competition will once again run in 2022, although it will do so independently from WorldSkills UK for the 2022 competition cycle.

We have been proud to partner with WorldSkills UK in recent years, but due to a change in funding circumstances, WorldSkills UK are unable to continue to fund the competition. So, moving forwards, we are working to create an independent competition pathway that is delivered, managed, and funded by AoC Sport and partners.

Initial plans are to deliver a competition cycle are as followed:

  • Taking entries in September 2022
  • Passive Stage in October 2022
  • National Qualifiers in November 2022, December 2022, January 2023
  • National Final in April 2023

We will soon be creating a working group, involving people who have been involved in the Fitness Trainer competition in the past. This group will help decide and contribute to the direction of the competition. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please get in touch with

The Fitness Trainer Competition’s position within WorldSkills UK body of competitions will be reviewed on a yearly basis.