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AoC Sport Strategic Framework 2023-2028

06 March 2023

AoC Sport have launched their Strategic Sport Framework 2023 -2028. The 2023 strategic framework sets out the four strategic priorities for the next five years, underpinned by the AoC’s values and our key strategic enablers, as we seek to further support colleges, their communities and their students.

Dean Hardman, Director of Sport and Student Experience said "We are delighted to be able to share our strategic framework for sport and physical activity for the period 2023-2028. This framework outlines how we plan to work, our areas of focus and our strategic priorities for the next few years and will guide our decision making as we look to sustain and grow sport and physical activity in colleges, support our members and influence and advocate for change in our sector, so that sport and physical activity are placed at the heart of what colleges do. We know that a focus on sport and physical activity makes for healthier colleges that are better placed to serve the needs of their students and their communities. However, we also know that not all students in our sector have equal access to opportunities to be active and we are determined to support colleges and our partners to make the necessary changes to address inequalities and create the environment for everyone to succeed".

Read the AoC Sport Strategic Framework 2023-2028