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Green Sports Ambassadors Launched

22 August 2023

AoC Sport Launches Green Sports Ambassadors as Part of the Rebranded Student Leadership Programme


We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Green Sports Ambassadors as a new initiative under the recently rebranded Student Leadership Programme. This innovative addition empowers students to drive positive environmental change within their college and the sports industry.

As an organisation committed to promoting sustainable practices and inspiring the next generation of leaders, AoC Sport recognises the urgent need to address environmental issues in the sporting world. The Green Sports Ambassadors program is designed to harness the passion and influence of college students, enabling them to become advocates for sustainability within their respective institutions and local communities.

The newly rebranded Student Leadership Programme, formerly known as the Leadership Academy, serves as a comprehensive platform for personal development, skill-building, and community engagement. By incorporating the Green Sports Ambassadors, AoC Sport aims to provide young leaders with the tools and knowledge to create a greener, more sustainable future for sports.

The Green Sports Ambassadors will receive specialised training and resources on environmental sustainability, climate action, and the importance of eco-conscious sports practices. They will gain valuable insights into how sports facilities, events, and operations can reduce their carbon footprint, conserve resources, and promote eco-friendly initiatives.

Through this program, the Green Sports Ambassadors will be encouraged to raise awareness about sustainable practices among their peers, college staff, and the wider sporting community. They will help organise events and campaigns to promote environmental responsibility and inspire action at the grassroots level.

AoC Sport is dedicated to fostering collaborations with sports organisations, colleges, and sustainability experts to support the Green Sports Ambassadors in their mission. By providing guidance and opportunities for networking, we aim to amplify the impact of these young leaders and encourage the adoption of sustainable practices across the sports sector.

Sam Strickson, Partnerships and Programmes Development Officer at AoC Sport said "We are excited to launch the Green Sports Ambassadors as part of our rebranded Student Leadership Programme. This initiative reflects our commitment to environmental sustainability and recognises the power of student leadership in driving positive change. Through the program, we aim to cultivate a generation of passionate, eco-conscious leaders who will shape the future of sports with a focus on sustainability."

Colleges and students interested in participating in the Green Sports Ambassadors program and joining the rebranded Student Leadership Programme can find more information on the AoC Sport website.