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Towards Outstanding: Examples of good practice

10 September 2019

Towards Outstanding is a set of national standards and a self-assessment tool to share good practice, demonstrate the value of physical activity and sport to all curriculum areas, and develop and sustain excellent practice in colleges. The latest edition has been updated to reflect the 2015 Ofsted Common Inspection Framework and ‘Fit for College, Fit for Work, Fit for Life’, the 2015-2020 national strategy. Towards Outstanding is set within the context of the current national and political drive towards improving standards across a range of industries and sectors. For further education, this includes: The expectation of continued quality provision despite ongoing austerity measures. Ofsted’s emphasis on quality teaching and learning and focus on learner outcomes within the 2015 Common Inspection Framework. Employer ownership of apprenticeships and the drive to create more high-quality apprenticeships. The need to address gaps identified in higher level skills and the development of robust higher vocational qualifications. Below are a series of examples of good practice, set within the context of the Towards Outstanding guidelines. These will be updated at regular intervals. Leadership and management L&M (ii) Sunderland College's sport and physical activity strategy clearly demonstrates how it contributes to the five keys aims of the college’s strategic plan. The strategic ambitions for sport fall into four areas of activity: participation, performance, staffing and communication. The college demonstrates a commitment to encourage and provide opportunities for participation amongst all students and the local community by developing a marketing plan for their activity programmes. L&M (v) The Director of Learning at Chesterfield College attends the bi-monthly Derbyshire FE forum, with the County Sports Partnership and local authority representatives. L&M (x) The work of the College Sport Maker at Chichester College has been recognised in five SARs within the college. L&M (xvi) NEWVIC College has incorporated the Child Protection in Sport Unit standards into their safeguarding policy, which identifies the minimum standards required for sport coaches and deliverers in the college as an enhanced DBS check and Sports Coach UK safeguarding and child protection training. Casual staff are also required to sign a document stating that they have read, understood and will abide by the college safeguarding and equality and diversity policies. Participation 1.2 East Riding College uses darts sessions to help teach maths to learners with learning difficulties or diabilities. 1.2 At Oaklands College sport and physical activity is embedded into the 'Outside the Box' program which offers a range of activities to provide students with extra skills and experience outside of their course that will enhance employability. 1.11 Loughborough College include their Sport and physical activity programme in the induction packs sent out to all students prior to the new term starting. 1.14 West Suffolk College have created a partnership with their local leisure provider to utilise facilities for a range of activities and have recently purchased Futsal goals together with money from both the college and the centre. The college has started a Student Futsal League in the centre, who are also looking to establish an evening Futsal league which will provide and community exit route for the college sessions. Leadership and volunteering 2.1 2.3 & 2.5 Milton Keynes Leadership Academy offers planned curricular training that links to local, regional and national events where students lead on delivery of provision. In partnership with StreetGames the college and provides an eight month programme of learning linked to placements and enrichment opportunities. Students from MK College delivered the 2015 MK School Sport Partnerships school games competition which was attended by 12 primary schools. Students achieve a number of activator awards and completed the Level 2 in Doorstep Sport Coaching qualification. 15 of the 16 students have transferred to a positive destination with one student gaining full time employment with a local sports coaching company. Former students are also encouraged to join the alumni programme where they can deliver parts of the training syllabus alongside StreetGames and MK College. 2.6 The Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form Student Sport Management team are recruited to support staff in promoting, co-ordinating and delivering activities and events in the college and local schools. The team also recruit other student volunteers to work on specific projects and help local schools develop their own Student Management Team. Community partnerships and facilities 3.6, 3.7 & 3.8 Barnsley College have recently undergone a multi-million pound transformation and rebuild of the sports facilities which is equipped with classrooms for learning and a range of facilities for both curriculum and extra-curricular sessions. To make the facilities sustainable and to generate income, they are open to the community during evenings and weekends. Talent development and support 4.4 & 4.6 Elite equine students at Moulton College gain further experience, skills and qualifications in the form of British Horse Society exam training and coaching both practical and riding sessions. Students are also able to assist with the running of competitions held at the college in a variety of roles and have the opportunity to volunteer as fence judge at various horse trials such as Aston Le Walls. Their welfare is supported through strength and conditioning sessions, nutritional talks from industry experts and access to other relevant services such as physiotherapy and Pilates for riders. 4.2, 4.4, 4.5, 4.6 & 4.8 Each athlete at Richard Huish College has a timetable built specifically for the inidividual, giving every student the opportunity to access the college sport programme, regardless of their academic choices. The Performance Development Programme is available to the athletes and provides additional support such as nutrition, strength and conditioning, psychology and physiotherapy sessions. All coaches of college teams have a minimum of a Level 2 NGB qualification and meet together regularly to share best practice and ideas across the different sports. Alongside the practical sport, students are offered a range of subsidised qualifications including coaching, refereeing and safeguarding. Mental health and wellbeing 5.1, 5.5 & 5.8 The College Sport Maker at Burnley College has introduced the 'passport to fitness' programme, originally for staff members, but has now been rolled out to health and social development students. The programme involves an initial assessment of height, weight, strength, aerobic capacity and flexibility. Over 12 weeks staff are encouraged to attend college organised activities and to track their activity levels both in and outside of college. In addition to this participants complete a level 1 health and fitness booklet to educate them on the importance of keeping healthy to subsequently make their progress long term. At the end of the 12 weeks another assessment is taken to see their progress. 5.1 & 5.2 "Students’ well-being is enhanced through the college’s Sportsmaker programme which provides positive encouragement for a significant number of students from a wide range of courses to undertake exercise and embark on a variety of sports. This programme has been very successful and in particular the college has won a national award for its disability sports sessions." Cornwall College Ofsted Report January 2016.