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Productivity Plan

19 June 2019

On Friday 10 July, the Chancellor published a Productivity Plan which set out a number of policies that could have a significant impact on colleges. The focus is on further and higher education and skills rather than academic courses for 16 to 19-year-olds but the policies will affect all colleges. Productivity Plan.pdf Productivity Plan.pdf (PDF,919.73 KB) We have responded to the Productivity Plan inthe media, and our full response can be found in the newsroom. Institutes of Technology In the Productivity Plan, the Government anticipates that many colleges will be "invited to specialise according to local economic priorities, to provide better targeted basic skills alongside professional and technical education, and that some will be invited to become Institutes of Technology". Work is still needed by Government on the process for this and also on issues like legal name protection (although ‘Institute’ is already legally protected). The Government expects that institutes will offer "high-standard provision at Levels 3, 4 and 5"; will be "sponsored by employers" and will be "registered with professional bodies".