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Drive improvement with data

16 September 2019

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by Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams, Director of Planning and Performance at Lincoln College has shared his top tips on how his college is using data to drive improvement and establish a learning culture.

Top tip #1

Know your numbers
Work with staff to ensure that they know how to translate the data that you provide them with. Empower them to make better and more effective decisions. Data can be overwhelming, so try and keep it simple and usable. Using data in this way will enable you to support a learning organisation.

Top tip #2

Put challenge into your curriculum planning
Can you and your staff answer the following questions, why do you do what you do? Do your staff know the end goal? How do you check the quality and relevance of your provision and curriculum?

Top tip #3

Your people
Take time to invest in the capability, capacity and well being of the people in your organisation. Culture underpins the ability to drive this strategy forward. What CPD activities do you offer your staff and how are they supported to develop and learn?

Kevin will also be speaking at AoC’s Data, Performance and Accountability Conference on 1 October in London.