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College students celebrate GCSE success 2019

23 August 2019

Students across the country are collecting their GCSE results and we'll be bringing you some of their stories across the day. Name: Sam Mawhinney | College: Furness College | Grades: GCSE English: Grade 4 “As this was the first GCSE I’ve ever sat I was a little nervous and I’m so glad I got the result I did! I’ve now secured a job at a local care provider and completed an Access course, so I’m continuing to study with Furness College by completing a foundation degree in health and social care.” Sam Mawhinney.jpg Name: Emily Blackley | College: Furness College | Grades: GCSE English: Grade 4 “I’m so, so happy that I’ve passed by English re-sit. I’m now hoping to move into full-time employment and my result has allowed me to do this.” Emily Blackley.jpg Name: Thom Oakes | College: Furness College | Grades: GCSE Maths: Grade 4 “I’m so relieved to have passed and am over the moon at the great result that I got. The hard work of myself and the tutors has paid off and I’m so thankful of the support I’ve received.” Thom Oakes.jpg Name: Briony Pattinson | College: Furness College | Grades: GCSE English: Grade 4 “I’m so glad I passed my GCSE English and all of my hard work has paid off. I’d like to thank the tutors at Furness College for putting in the time to support me.” Briony Pattinson.jpg Name: Jesse | College: St Helens College's 14-16 Academy | Grades: 9 GCSE “I am so made up with my results - I have worked extremely hard to achieve these grades. I have really enjoyed my time at St Helens College 14-16 Academy - the support has been amazing! I can’t wait to start my new journey at St Helens College, studying Health and Social Care - something I have always wanted to do!” Jess-and-her-mum-celebrating-her-Results.jpg Name: Julie Callow | College: Walsall College | Grades: C in Maths | Destination: Level 3 Counselling course at Walsall College “I owned a café for 20 years then decided to completely change direction and look at working in education. I’ve studied supporting teaching and learning and English literacy teaching and am looking to find a role in a school or college. It’s important for people to start out on the right track and I want to help them do that.” Julie-Callow.JPG Name: Aaron Lowe | College: Walsall College | Grades: 4 in English | Destination: Employment “The key to me passing was studying and revising bit by bit throughout the year. It was hard combining the GCSE with my uniformed services course but I stuck with it and it paid off.” Aaron-Lowe.JPG Name: Lauren Burns | College: Derby College| Age: 24 | Grades: 7 in English | Destination: GCSE Maths and Access to Higher Education in Humanities and Social Science at the college Lauren Burns with teacher Caroline Greatorex.jpg Name: Samantha Hamer | College: Wirral Met College | Age: Adult student | Grades: 9 in GCSE English Language | Destination: World of teaching Samantha-Hamer.jpg Name: Suha Ali | College: Nottingham College | Age: 17| Grades: 7s in Biology, Maths, Physics and English Language, and a 6 in Chemistry | Destination: A Levels “I only moved back to the UK from Saudi Arabia last year, so I hadn’t had chance to finish my GCSEs at school. I took the full-time GCSE programme at Nottingham College. It was hard doing it all in one year, but it’s been a good year and I’m excited for the next chapter. I’m going on to study A Levels and I’m interested in a career in healthcare in the future.” Suha_2.jpg Name: Amin Bay | College: The Manchester College | Age: 19 | Grades: 7 in maths and 5 English | Destination: UCEN Manchester to study an Access course in Dentistry Amin-Bay_1.jpg Name: Kiera Miller | College: South Staffordshire College | Grades: 7 in English and grade 5 in mathematics Name: Myron Evans | College: South Staffordshire College | Grades: 7 in English Name: Madeline Patel | College: South Staffordshire College | Grades: 6 in English Kiera Miller.JPG Myron Evans.JPG Madeline Patel.JPG